What is Restaurant Week? (And Why Should Your Business Participate!)

An event has become very popular in recent years, which helps the restaurant to benefit the business known as restaurant week. But what is restaurant week? Well, Restaurant week is nothing but an event where many restaurants offer a fair sampling of what the kitchen is capable of and at a bargain price or fix the price menu so that customers can give a shot at different types of food which they couldn’t normally afford. Mainly, the high-class restaurants where prices are high take part in the event, but any restaurant can take part in this event as there are no restrictions.

Not only is this event a discount deal, but it also has excitement and enjoyment mixed in. It is no less than a food fair. Customers will get impressed by the quality only if they get a chance to try the food. Since these restaurants generally target locals and tourists, it results in an increase in customers during the occasion. Still many establishments think before joining the event or whether it will be profitable to join the event. 

A Glance at the History of Restaurant Week

Now, that you understand what’s restaurant week and that it’s become a phenomenon many big establishments have to take part in it. The important question is where it all started and what is the history of restaurant week?  This one, at first, took place in New York City by Tim Zagat i.e. in the year 1992, and Joe Baum. Moreover, the price was just $19.92 per year. Tim thought it would be a small thing but it turns out it has become a phenomenon. The idea was lunch only to attract visitors and reporters so that they would attend the event at local restaurants. 

Since the first event, it has become a massive success and there’s no limit to the number of followers and people who want to create their version of the event all over the world. Even a letter was published to the New York Times editor on July 25, 1992. In the letter Emil William Chynn, a Chinese American LASEK surgeon, author, researcher, and media personality praised the establishment and he later suggested that it could become a yearly event and sponsors like Coca-Cola and American Express could boost the event.

How does Restaurant Week Work? 

Now the bigger question arises i.e. how does restaurant week work? The event can take place any time of the year according to the location. Normally, it takes place during early winter or spring because during this time of the year the market is slow. The original event took place for a week but nowadays it can vary from two weeks to a month. More than one restaurant week is organized in big cities as it has become so popular. 

As it’s a strategy to boost the market, restaurants offer different packages because different people have different budgets. By giving many options the restaurants are enhancing customer relationships, which will help them in the future.  Mainly the menu offers three meal packages. The business mainly comes from new customers and the restaurants make profits from sales volume. The event is a chance to show the customers what the restaurant has to offer.

It is organized by the chamber of commerce or local tourist organizations. The restaurants that participate get valuable exposure and can count on crowds. But it can also be difficult because sometimes it becomes a burden and muddling up routines can compromise service. Sometimes customers go to the restaurant just to avail the offer without having the intention of returning when the restaurant week wraps up. This can be one of the reasons why many restaurants don’t participate in this event.

Some customers are there in the event only to benefit from the offer and they won’t be generous tippers either.  The restaurant has to serve the best dishes to impress first-time customers. The restaurants also have to work with their chefs to come up with delicious and high-margin dishes. There are pros and cons of restaurant week and every restaurant has to work hard to become a huge success.

Why should one participate in Restaurant Weeks? 

If you are looking for strategies to increase your popularity then “Restaurant Week” can assist in a much better way. But then a question arises, how? 

To make sure that all the doubts floating in the minds could be sorted out, there are few points prepared. 

  1. There are times when one would wonder why we are providing meals at such low prices. So the point is, it is what will catch the eyes of the audience enjoying Restaurant Week. 
  2. You are helping the audience to taste your restaurant’s dishes and experiencing your Hospitality. If they are enjoying it, then there is a good chance that most of them will appear again and again. 
  3. Not only did you get people to serve but through their mouths, you will get plenty more mouths to serve and a bigger audience in your reach. It’s indeed a great way of marketing and advertising. 
  4. This way you can also reach out to the public which isn’t easily accessible to you such as tourists. Your restaurant can become a landmark of the city and a chance to become a brand. 

These things will work best when your presentation is luring, eye-catching and your meals are breath-taking. 

How to plan for Restaurant Week? 

We have shortlisted a few points to help you prepare for an outstanding presentation:

1 Opt for designing a very appealing menu to lure the foodies. 

  1. Don’t become greedy and provide discounts with an open heart. 
  2. Try to create a themed and soothing environment. 
  3. Satisfy the customers to their fullest. 


Restaurant week is a business tool to boost the sales of your restaurant to new heights. Along with a good reputation and a handsome income, it brings you excitement and something to enjoy in the industry. Further, it provides satisfaction and is a great opportunity to prove your worth and make Restaurant Week a big hit for yourself. 

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