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 Pizza Hut Menu With Prices (Updated April 2022)

Pizza Hut Menu With prices

Pizza hut is an American multinational restaurant chain that is also an international franchise developed within a few years after its establishment. The restaurant was established on May 31, 1958, by a pair of brothers Dan and Frank Carney.

Within 6 months, the restaurant successfully opened its second outlet and within a year, 7 new pizza hut outlets emerged. 

The increasing number of outlets showcases its success within its emerging years. The brand was introduced with a motive to promote luxurious and casual family dine-in restaurants. It also has various delivery and carry-out locations with various order delivery and dine-in options. The Pizza hut restaurants offer different options for the customers to enjoy their leisure time by having a soulful and comfortable meal for the day. The restaurant chain offers a variety of American-Italian menu items to the customers. 

The data analysis for 2020 depicts that the Pizza hut restaurant brand has more than 17,000+ restaurants operating in a huge number of locations. It makes it to be one of the world’s largest pizza chains as compared to its other competitors.

The US is the topmost leading country for the brand as the restaurant has a huge number of outlets located in different parts of the country. So, you might now be interested in knowing the varieties that the restaurant serves. Of course, we” ll get into it. And in this article, we will discuss more on the pizza hut menu with prices.

Pizza Hut Menu and Prices

Heading on to the most interesting part of this article, pizza hut’s menu is what we will be discussing now. As the name suggests, the restaurant brand is famous for its pizzas which are also known to be their signature dish all across the world. Besides pizza, the restaurant serves a huge variety of other dishes such as salads, pasta, chicken wings, various sides, and desserts. The customers get to make a selection from these wide categories available at the restaurant. The restaurants have different categories of pizzas which are thin, crispy, or even hand-tossed, making it to be the most obvious choice for the customers. Starting from base, to the selection of toppings, the customers can get themselves a customized pizza as per their choice. The variety of toppings available at the restaurant is- honey siracha, balsamic, olives, bacon, and pepperoni. 

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Also, the pizza hut menu list displays different yet delicious menu items. All of their menu items taste extremely good and fall under the category of best food items. They claim to serve all the freshly baked food to their customers. This helps them to deliver the best user experience to their customers. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for all their pizzas and sides. Chicken nuggets are one of their best-selling menu items delivered to the customers. 

The other set of non-veg dishes includes- chicken wings, a variety of chicken pizzas, etc. Also, it has a great variety of dishes for vegetarian items as well. Authentic Italian cuisine of pizzas and pasta is served at the restaurant. 

Next, we will discuss the pizza hut menu with prices. Pizza hut is famous for providing the best quality pizzas at affordable prices. The price varies for different menu dishes. It has a small gluten-free pizza that costs you $10. Their pizza is served in 3 different category sixes- regular, medium, and large. The personal size Chicken supreme pan costs you $6 and is the best deal for you. The restaurant serves other meal combos which are a collection of your favorite pizza, a beverage, and your favorite sides menu. 

The pizza hut menu prices range from average to high. It has everything for the customers within their budget. Thus, the customers can get their favorite dishes at low prices without having to worry about their budget. 

So, here we have a list of the entire pizza hut menu with prices. Just have a look and grab your favorite pizzas accordingly.

Supreme Pizzas

Paneer Soya Supreme Pizza ₹569
Veg Exotica Pizza ₹569
Veggie Italiano Pizza ₹569
Veggie Supreme Pizza ₹569
Chicken Exotica Pizza ₹629
Chicken Italiano Pizza ₹629
Chicken Supreme Pizza ₹629
Triple Chicken Feast Pizza ₹629



Choco Volcano Cake ₹99
Choco Bliss ₹75
Choco Bliss Treat Pack (2 pcs) ₹99



Pepsi ₹57
7-UP ₹57
Mirinda ₹57
Water Bottle ₹48
Pepsi 250ml CAN ₹24


Classic Pizzas

Margherita Pizza ₹279
Chicken Sausage Pizza ₹419



Cheese Garlic Bread ₹129
Garlic Bread Spicy Supreme ₹149
Garlic Bread Stix ₹99
Creamy Garlic Bread Stix ₹129
Creamy Mayonnaise Dip ₹30
Texas Garlic Dip ₹30
Spanish Tomato Veg Pasta ₹149

Pizza Hut Hours and Timings

Pizza hut is a prime restaurant outlet serving different menu dishes. The restaurant has no such breakfast or lunch meal separated from the pizza hut’s menu. Instead, their menu showcases the list of available items at Pizza hut. 

Well, this is such great news that the restaurant serves all of its menu items all day long. The customers are required to go through the pizza huts menu and just order themselves a nice treat. The restaurant delivers all of its dishes throughout the day until the restaurant has got out of service or has any special deal for the service. Rest, it operates regularly and serves all the dishes mentioned on its menu card. Alternatively, one can get the regular operating hours for the pizza hut restaurant to manage their schedule accordingly. 

The pizza hut restaurants start their services at 9:30 AM. later or sooner, the restaurant services come to an end at 11:00 PM. This means, that the restaurants are active all day long and the customers can grab their favorite pizzas from the pizza hut menu prices list. 

The above time is known to be the standard schedule for a majority of the pizza hut outlets. But this does not mean that every restaurant follows the same. Some restaurants may open or close at different schedules. The other restaurants might open after midnight and provide their services till midnight. 

As said above, the timings can be different from store to store. These differences occur mainly due to the location and availability of services at a particular store. Also, the customer’s demands are what decide the availability of a restaurant’ services. They operate as per the customer’s schedules to provide the best services of what they can. Also, the restaurant does not provide a 24/7 service to the customers. So, you just need to get your order before the restaurant gets closed. 

Pizza Hut Menu Reviews

Now we will discuss some of the most favorite menu dishes served at pizza hut restaurant. You can check their reviews to know why they are so popular. Here we go.

Best: Veggie Lover’s Pizza with Thin and Crispy Crust

Veggie lover or the customer’s favorite pizza is the restaurant’s best serving menu item across their pizza range. It has loads and loads of toppings and has a crust of the customer’s choice. As the name justifies, the pizza base is fully loaded with different vegetable toppings making it a complete meal for one. It has 230 calories but it’s worth all of it.

Traditional Bone-In Wings with Garlic Parmesan Sauce

The restaurant’s traditional bone wings are super crispy and complemented by a garlic parmesan sauce. Breading the dish makes it super delicious that cannot be resisted. Their bone-in wings have lower calories as compared to other dishes and are the go-to snack for your meal. It has 140 calories. 


If you are looking for something perfect, non-greasy, and light in weight, then the restaurant’s Garlic breadsticks are all that you want. It has very low fats and calories and is quite delicious as compared to other side items. These breadsticks are baked which makes them quite healthy as compared to the fried ones. 

Cavatini Veggie Lovers with Garlic Bread

This veggie pasta is a perfect representation of a sweet and savory dish combined. It serves a sufficient quantity for the dish that can be a complete meal for a hungry person. Has 7 grams of fiber and 21 grams of protein that fills up your empty stomach instantly. It comes with a complimentary garlic bread that well suits the dish. It has 630 calories. 

Cinnamon Sticks

The restaurant’s cinnamon sticks are to die for. It is a perfect dessert after your meal that satisfies your sweet cravings easily. The dish is served with dipping icing that compliments it well. Being a dessert, the cinnamon sticks have only 80 calories that can be compensated easily. So, what to worry about? Get the cinnamon sticks and let your sweet tooth enjoy the wholesome dessert. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Let us now discuss some of the common queries of the customers. Here we will discuss some common questions asked by the customers. You can read the answers to solve your queries in case you have any. So, let’s begin.

What are the 30 minutes free pizza offer and is it applicable every day?

30 minutes free pizza is a scheme launched by the pizza hut that allows free pizza to the customers if their order gets delayed for more than 30 minutes. It is a great initiative by the restaurant as it allows the customers to enjoy their orders for fresh. However, this order is not applicable for bulk orders that include the delivery of 4 or more 4 pizzas or other items. Also, the scheme is not available on busy or scheduled days such as New Year’s Eve, public holidays, religious festivals, Wednesdays, and orders for which the 50% OFF offer has been availed. The scheme is to be announced at the time of delivery and is only applicable for home delivery orders.

What is a contactless delivery and how to avail of it?

Contactless delivery is a new way to deliver food to the customers without any direct contact between the customers and the delivery guy. The meal is delivered to a pre-defined location and the customer can pick up the order from that location. You can avail of a contactless delivery while placing your order. You need to select the “contactless delivery” option as you place your order. The delivery guy will contact you to know the exact location.

Can the coupon code be used with any other offer? Or can it be reused for any order?

Coupon codes can be used while placing the order to reduce the cart value. One coupon can be used for one order only. One coupon can be used only for one transaction and the company holds the power to decline any coupon based on its availability. Also, no coupon can be reused. It can only be redeemed once. After using, the coupon gets expired and is of no use. 

What to do if the ordered food is damaged or bad?

Ideally, the restaurant delivers fresh food and dishes to its customers. Customers’ satisfaction is their main motto. But, in some cases, if the customers receive any sort of damaged food, the customers can complain to the restaurant’s customer support. They can even claim a refund if it is a genuine issue. Also, in case of late delivery of any prepaid order, you can register your complaint at the call center. You can get a complete refund for your order within 21 business days. 


Pizza hut is one of the top-leading pizza brands existing for so long. Everyone must have tried it once in their lifetime. It is the customer’s favorite choice for all the pizza cravings that they generally face. Moreover, the pizza hut menu with prices is what the customers ask for. The restaurant has got all your favorite dishes and can be grabbed anytime you want.

The restaurant stores provide a decent sitting area for the customers. You can enjoy your meals on their luxury sofas and chairs which are reminiscent and gives comfort similar to your home. You can get everything that you are seeking. The restaurant’s menu is even quite interesting and has various options. All you need to do is just visit the restaurant or order it at your place and get it delivered to your doorstep. Why miss such deals when you can get everything at a single store. No one would like to miss it. Right? So, just get the restaurant’s timings and visit anytime you wish. 

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