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McDonalds Salads Menu Prices – McDonald’s Salads 2022

Living a healthy life is something really important that each of us must follow. Being on a healthy diet does not mean restricting yourself from having your favorite food, eating less, or skipping a meal, or being extra slim. Instead, a healthy diet is all about staying energetic, refreshing the mind, improving health status, etc. 

A healthy diet includes a nutritious meal with the proper amount of fiber, protein, carbohydrates, fast, and other essential nutrients. In this, you have to limit the calorie intake and fat intake as well. 

You can enjoy having cheat meals with the food you love the most. But this should be occasionally. Having daily cheat meals can cost you more than you have ever expected.

One such healthy meal is a salad. A salad is a mixture of a variety of food ingredients, some of them are raw ingredients. It is generally served at room temperature, well some of them are even served warm or chilled. 

McDonalds salads menu is a combination of healthy and fresh ingredients served with green veggies, toppings with a touch of spices to make it more delicious. You can have a variety of dishes in your salad menu such as fruit salads, rice, pasta salads, dinner salads, dessert salads, etc. McDonalds salads Menu 2022 has a lot more to offer to their customers.

Having salads regularly can help you maintain good health, therefore, making a healthy lifestyle. It is quite easy to get a bowl of fruit salad or vegetable salad. McDonald’s have altered their menu multiple times. It is done to deliver a decent customer experience. The restaurant even has some customizable dishes where the customer can make certain choices to get a perfect meal curated as per their taste. So, what are you waiting for? Read the article below and order your perfect healthy meal partner from the McDonalds Salads Menu.

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McDonald’s Salad Menu and Prices:

Does McDonald’s have salads? Such an interesting question isn’t it? Customers who visit once a month or more might have no idea about this. This is why we have encountered this question from so many of you! Let us find a legit answer to it.

All of you may be knowing the variety of food offered by the McDonald’s store. They are famous for their burgers and other fast food items. But not everything they serve is fast food. 

There are a large number of franchises that stand tough in the competitive market of food offerings. McDonald’s is one such franchise. All of the menu items served at Mcdonald’s are quite impressive and are lovable by the audience. McDonald’s salads menu is another interesting variety that the franchise has put forward. Till 2018, McDonald’s salads menu included 3 major types of salads- Bacon Ranch, Southwest, and the Side Salad. 

Bacon Ranch comprises meat with a double quantity of bacon and is served in two forms- fried chicken or grilled chicken. The salads are accompanied by small garnishings of tomatoes, lettuce, etc.

The Southwest salad is served with chicken accompanied by the above toppings and is known to follow the Tex-Mex Theme. This theme involves ingredients such as beans, tortilla strips, corns, lime, and other sauces as well. 

The side salad contains red and green lettuce, carrots, spinach, tomato, and kale. It can be eaten by both humans as well as animals. 

The Mcdonald’s menu salads serve a basic salad side and the substantial salads referring as often called the Premium salad. The salad menu also comprises three varieties of fries depending upon their size. Besides this, they also serve apple slices that are healthy even for the kids. 

Taste is what makes it easy to select a perfect menu item for you. McDonald’s Bacon Ranch is known to have a variety of flavors as it contains various forms of meat and green vegetables. Fried chicken Bacon Ranch is their most served salad menu. 

The Southwest salad is known to have a great crunch, diversity of flavors, relevant quantity, and delicious taste. The Southwest salad is known to have a slightly tangy taste that spices your taste buds. 

Mcdonald’s salads price is the other factor that lets you compare the food items. The Mcdonalds salads 2022 includes all the inexpensive food items and does not charge any extra amount from the customers. Instead, they offer a decent quantity of food at reasonable yet affordable prices.

The Mcdonald’s salads 2022 menu items are listed below with their price. Check them out and select your favorite item.

Menu Item


Southwest Salad $4.79
Bacon Ranch Salad $4.59

Kinds of McDonald’s Salads 2021

  • Pineapple Stick.
  • Fries.
  • Garden Salad with warm crispy chicken.
  • Chicken McNuggets
  • Chicken Caesar Salad.
  • Garden Salad.
  • Banana.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the nutritional values incorporated in the McDonald’s salad menu?

McDonald’s serves a variety of nutritious dishes to the customers. All the nutritional values incorporated in the dishes are listed on their official website. Among all the available salads, the Side salad is known to be the healthiest salad ever. It imparts a maximum of 20 calories to the customers as it includes 10 milligrams of sodium, thus no fat at all. The other salad i.e. the Bacon Ranch with grilled chicken salad serves 260 calories with 9 grams of fat and 1000 milligrams of sodium. 

Whereas, the Bacon ranch with fried chicken serves 370 calories, 20 grams of fat, and 990 milligrams of sodium.

Are the McDonald’s salads 2022 healthy to eat?

Not every salad you try out at different places can be healthy. The authentication of salads can only be determined by the types of ingredients involved in the making of the salad. Some amount of toppings used to add taste to the salad is perfectly fine. But when this amount exceeds the limit, the salad becomes unhealthy in many ways. The overloaded fats and carbs obtained by adding more toppings increase your calorie intake, thus resulting in weight growth 

Why does Mcdonald’s stop selling salads menu?

In the history of 30 years, this was the first time when McDonald’s stopped serving salads. It was during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is because, during the pandemic, the restaurants didn’t have permission to continue their regular service. They had to restrict some operations to maintain the normal flow of the outlets. For this reason, McDonald’s halted serving their salad menu for a while. 

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