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What is Golden Corral Lunch Hours | Special Buffet Menu

Golden Corral lunch hours

Golden Corral Lunch Hours is an American-based restaurant serving buffet items and other fast-food dishes along with it. The restaurant was established on 3rd January 1973. The restaurant is known to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day throughout the week. At present, the restaurant has recorded an estimated value of 500+ locations focussing primarily on the United States. The first Golden Corral restaurant was established in Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States. 

The restaurant offers a buffet system and services where the customers get to enjoy a variety of dishes within a single meal. It serves various hot and cold dishes. No matter how hungry you are, the restaurant has all the delicious dishes ready for you all. It is always there to satisfy your hunger with its delicacies such as Salisbury steak, pizza, enchiladas, or a healthy salad.

The restaurant operates in a fashion called Strata, where the customers can serve themselves as per their choices. They provide all the nutritious food items that health-conscious customers look out for. All you need to do is just visit their official website, select your favorite dishes and place your order. Want to know more about the golden corral lunch hours? Read the article below to answer all your queries. 

Golden Corral Lunch Hours and Timings:

Golden Corral is one of the best-known restaurants that serve buffet items to their customers. Planning out a lunch meal at Golden Corral can be the wise decision you made. Golden corral will never disappoint you with its authentic taste and the services offered to the customers.

If you have visited other restaurants earlier, you must have noticed that the restaurants do follow a proper schedule to work accordingly. Every other restaurant has a specified time schedule to follow where they have fixed timings for all the different types of meals and dishes served to the customers. The customers are served accordingly. So, if you plan to visit the Golden Corral restaurant, you must have a look at the golden corral lunch hours or you must learn at what time does lunch start at golden corral.

This is because if you visit the Golden Corral restaurant at odd timings, you will be denied for serving the dish you crave for. 

You know this is so disappointing if you are denied from having your favorite meal or the dish you crave for. To avoid experiencing such situations, you must be aware of what time do golden corral closes. So, here we go.

Golden Corral restaurant usually starts serving their lunch menu from 11:00 AM onwards. Before this, they serve their breakfast meal that ends at this particular hour. 

Starting from 11:00 AM, the lunch hour goes till 4:00 PM in the evening. This means that the restaurant does serve their lunch menu within limited time duration and not till the time the outlets are operational. The lunch menu is served for around 5-6 hours which is more than enough. Customers who are in search of a perfect lunch meal will visit the restaurant between these hours only. Restaurants do serve a variety of cuisines due to which it becomes difficult for their staff to manage all of them in a single go. The table below shows the Golden Corral lunch hours that you can look at quickly before planning a visit. 

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Day Starting Hours Closing Hours
Monday 11:00 AM 04:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM 04:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM 04:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM 04:00 PM
Friday 11:00 AM 04:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM 04:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM 04:00 PM

We have seen that the customers are even not aware of the Golden Corral regular operating hours. This is also a thing to remember because the restaurants are not operational for the entire day. Their service is limited to a particular and fixed time duration. This is the reason for which many customers misunderstand the timings and end up visiting the restaurant at the wrong hours. The lunch hours are constant for the entire week and you do not need to remember them for a specific day. 

Have you ever experienced visiting a restaurant at their end hours or something like that? You might have been pissed off! So, we would highly recommend you to have a look at the Golden Corral regular operating hours. 

Days Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 07:30 am 10:00 pm
Tuesday 07:30 am 10:00 pm
Wednesday 07:30 am 10:00 pm
Thursday 07:30 am 10:00 pm
Friday 07:30 am 10:00 pm

The operating hours of the Golden Corral restaurant start from 7:00 AM in the morning and the restaurant remains operational till 10:00 PM. The timings are pretty much convenient and are up to the valid timings of the customers. 

Golden Corral Lunch Menu and Prices:

The next thing we will be discussing is the Golden Corral lunch menu and prices. 

The Golden Corral’s lunch menu is quite extensive in nature. It includes all the unique and tasty delicacies that the customers love to have. They serve a variety of dishes from which you can select your favorites. 

The restaurant delivers exclusive dishes that stand out in both taste and richness as well. For all the health-freak or diest-conscious customers, the Golden Corral is the best choice to have. They serve different healthy dishes such as Golden Corral Pot Roast, Golden Corral Sweet Potato, Golden Corral Fresh Steamed Broccoli, Golden Corral Collard Greens, Golden Corral Mashed Potatoes, Golden Corral Sirloin Steak, Golden Corral’s Green Beans, etc. Their dishes are made up of healthy and top-quality ingredients that help you to maintain your health without compromising the taste. 

Their dishes are certified by the food agencies for being the best quality dishes from all over the restaurants. 

The golden corral’s menu is subdivided into various meals such as Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, beverages, desserts, etc. all of their dishes are known to have different unique textures and flavors that make them a perfect combination to have. 

You are never going to regret the dishes once you have them. 

Additionally, the price range of their menu items is also quite reasonable. All the prices fall under the same categories where the customers can afford all the menu items without any trouble. The price range justifies the quality and the taste they deliver. So, select the most exciting dishes from the Golden Corral’s lunch menu and enjoy your meal to the fullest. The menu and the prices of the Golden Corral’s lunch menu are as follows-


Breakfast Buffet Drinks included.

(Served until 11 am on Saturday and Sunday).            $8.69

  Lunch Buffet Drinks not included.      (Served Monday through Saturday)$8.69Dinner Buffet Drinks not included.

(Served Monday through Sunday until 4 pm)$11.99Drinks


Children’s Packages

Children aged 4 through 8 years old may eat for

$5.99Children aged 9 through 2 years old may eat for

$6.99Children under 3 years of age may eat for FREE.*

*This only goes for the first two children per family. Additional meals for additional children are charged at regular kid’s pricing.

Golden Corral Senior’s Buffet Packages

For customers over age 60

Breakfast Buffet Drinks included.

(Served Saturday and Sunday through 11 am)$8.19Lunch Buffet Drinks not included.

(Served Monday-Saturday)$8.19Dinner Buffet Drinks not included.

(Served Monday through Saturday from 4 pm on)$11.49Premium Dinner

(Served Monday through Sunday from 4 pm on)$13.49Senior Early Bird Special Drinks included.

(Served Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm)$7.59Drinks


Baby Back Ribs

Drinks not included

All You Can Eat Ribs (Monday – Friday after 4 pm)

$11.99All You Can Eat Ribs (Saturday and Sunday after 11 am)


Drink Packages

Soft Drinks

This price includes all age groups.$1.99Milk or Juice


If you want a 32 ounce to-go cup, you may pay an additional fee.$1.69Foundation Drinks



Breakfast Catering

Light Continental Breakfast

$7.50Worth Getting Up For Breakfast

$8.50Country Breakfast


Catering for Lunch or Dinner

Out to Lunch

$8.25A Day in the Park

$13.00GC Picnic

$9.25GC Pit Barbecue

$8.25BBQ Ribs

$12.00Today’s Special

$11.00That Was Awesome

$11.00A Fine Dine


Packages for Holiday Catering

Holiday Essentials                    $9.00

Gobble Till You Wobble            $13.00

Holiday Feast                            $16.00

Packages For Wedding Catering

Light & Easy                              $9.00

Simple & Elegant                       $10.50

Wedding Complete                    $11.50 

Wedding Complete Plus            $13.00


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the early bird special at the Golden Corral restaurant?

The Golden Corral restaurant provides various offers and discounts to the customers. These offers can be used to place your favorite order from the restaurant with exclusive discounts. Early bird is one of those discounts and offers that the restaurant provides to all its customers. The offer is valid from Monday to Friday from 2:00 PM- 4:00 PM. It offers you to have a special buffet with a full variety of dishes along with bakery items only for $8.59. This offer also includes the beverages served during these hours. And it lets you save around $2.50 in total.

Besides this, the restaurant also provides senior discounts. This offer lets you enjoy 50 cents off on all the regular menu prices. This offer is valid for seniors aged 6-0 or above.

How to identify the Allergens served at the Golden Corral restaurant?

The restaurant takes special care of their customers by providing every detail about their food item. They provide healthy dishes so that the customers can enjoy them without any hesitation. Also, since different people are allergic to different ingredients and dishes. For this, the restaurant does have a list of all the allergic ingredients and dishes included in their menu items. You can visit their official website, click on the menu and then go to the allergens option. You can go through the list if you want.

What are the best serving dishes can I get at the Golden Corral’s lunch menu?

The restaurant is famous for its taste and the customers often get attracted towards their superior delicacies. You cannot deny these dishes as their aroma is so much appealing. No one can sort their menu dishes on the basis of their taste. Their prepping makes it mouth-watering. We have listed some of the most-serving dishes out from their menu. They are as follows-

  • Golden Delicious Shrimp.
  • Carving Station.
  • Carved Bone-in Turkey.
  • Signature Sirloin Steak.
  • Bourbon Street Chicken.
  • Awesome Pot Roast.
  • Meatloaf.
  • Fried Chicken.
  • Featured Pork Entree
  • Pizza
  • Pot Pie or Chicken
  • Noodle Dumplings

What are the Golden Corral senior specials?

If you are a senior citizen, then you can avail the benefits of being the one. People of 60+ age can enjoy the senior’s special buffet. You can enjoy haing lunch just for about $8, whereas the dinner will cost you $12. And if you chose to have beverages along with it, then you will be charged $2 additional. 

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