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 Dairy Queen Menu Prices (Updated April 2022)

dairy queen menu prices

Dairy Queen is an American restaurant chain of soft serves along with fast food items. The first restaurant brand outlet was established on June 22, 1940, in  Joliet, Illinois. The restaurant specializes in food genres such as frozen products including soft serves, ice creams, etc, and other fast-food dishes including sandwiches, burgers, and all. 

The restaurant chain uses the franchise model to expand its business globally. It has its franchisees located in various corners of the world, out of which, a majority of them are independently owned by several companies.

Some of its prime locations include- Mexico, Oman, Panama, Philippines,Qatar, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates, United States, etc. The US is the leading country in terms of profit and scalability as well. Texas, a state in the US is known to have maximum Dairy Queen outlets operating within a certain range. As per the data study of 2014, the restaurant had around 6400 outlets located in 25+ countries. Out of which, 70% of the outlets are situated in US.

The restaurant brand was developed with a vision to be the world’s favorite quick-service restaurant. In its path, they never compromised with the quality of food and service offered to the customers. This is why there remains no doubt about selecting Dairy Queen to be your favorite food stop for all your hunger. In addition to this, the customers get in a dilemma when seeing their menu. It is because the dairy queen menu prices are an endless list of all the yummy delicacies served to the customers. More often, the customers ignore the prices for the food they have ordered, which becomes difficult to cope with later. So, to save you from getting into such a situation, this article takes you through the entire dairy queen menu prices. No more hustling. Just go through the article, and make it your go-to place.

Dairy Queen Menu and Prices:

Would you like to enjoy a good meal at the Dairy Queens restaurant? Definitely! You will. We already knew your answer. How? 

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Well, who would not enjoy such an amazing meal! The restaurant’s menu is a wholesome combination of delicious food items and desserts. It offers the best flavors for all its customers that make their hearts and taste buds completely satisfied. All of the dishes listed on their menu are mouth-watering and appealing to the customers. Some of their menu dishes are- fast food, ice cream, sundaes, French fries, soft drinks, salads, hamburgers, hot dogs, chickens, milkshakes, etc.

The restaurant has multiple branches over the world, and they tend to serve similar dishes at all of their branches. Out of their entire menu, the most famous item is the DQ’s blizzards. DQ specializes in serving blizzards and it falls under the category of most-served menu item. It serves exciting dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well. So, if you crave a delicious meal, then DQ is the best choice available for you. 

The DQ menu is served at an affordable price. The restaurant serves different meal combos which are perfect meals for large-appetite customers. The dairy queen menu prices menu items ranging from $1 and foes up to $8. One of the most expensive dishes on the DQ menu is a 6 Pc. chicken strip basket along with a drink. You can find a kid’s meal section that includes different varieties of dishes suitable for kids as well. It costs you around $4.29.

We have a list of dairy queen prices listed below. Have a look and select your favorite dishes.


Blizzard Treats

Oreo, Cookie Dough, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Butterfinger, Snickers, Heath, M&M’s, Banana Split, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Xtreme, Turtle Pecan Cluster, Salted Caramel Truffle, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Smash, Brownie Cookie Dough, or Brownie Batter
Blizzard Treat Mini $2.89
Blizzard Treat Small $3.69
Blizzard Treat Medium $4.09
Blizzard Treat Large $4.69
Blizzard Treat Cone $3.89
Add Extra Stuff $0.69

Classic Treats

Peanut Buster Parfait $4.39
Banana Split $4.39
Cone Small $1.99
Cone Medium $2.39
Cone Large $2.69
Dipped Cone Small $2.39
Dipped Cone Medium $2.79
Dipped Cone Large $3.19
Waffle Cone (Plain) $3.89
Waffle Cone (Chocolate Coated) $3.89


Hot Fudge, Strawberry, Chocolate, Pineapple, Peanut Butter, or Caramel
Sundae Small $2.79
Sundae Medium $3.09
Sundae Large $3.39

DQ Bakes

Hot Desserts à la Mode
Fudge Stuffed Cookie $4.19
Apple Tart $4.39
Triple Chocolate Brownie $4.39

Shakes & Malts

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Hot Fudge, Caramel, Banana, or Peanut Butter
Shake Mini $2.99
Shake Small $3.29
Shake Medium $3.89
Shake Large $4.59


Mocha, Caramel, Cappuccino, or Vanilla
MooLatte Small $3.49
MooLatte Medium $3.99
MooLatte Large $4.59

Arctic Rush

Cherry, Grape, Lemon Lime, Blue Raspberry, or Strawberry Kiwi
Arctic Rush Small $1.69
Arctic Rush Medium $1.99
Arctic Rush Large $2.29

Soft Drinks

Soft Drink Small $1.79
Soft Drink Medium $1.99
Soft Drink Large $2.19

Dairy Queen Hours and Timings:

Dairy Queen restaurant is surely on the wishlist of a foodie as it is one of the most popular restaurants in the world. Keeping in mind, the popularity of Dairy Queens restaurant, the customers are really excited to visit the restaurant, each time they plan for a perfect meal. But they remain unsure of when to visit the restaurant. The customers are unaware of the timings and sometimes, cancel their plans just because of incorrect or inappropriate information. 

So, here we will be discussing the restaurant’s hours and timings. Have you ever wondered what the Dairy Queen’s breakfast hours are? Well, we are here to provide you with the Dairy Queen’s hours so that you do not have to miss another special meal again. 

Let us first start with the breakfast hours. The restaurant’s breakfast hours start from 10: AM and go till 11:00 AM. Isn’t this a really small duration? Of course, it is. But this is the only schedule available at the restaurant. The customers have only 1 hour to get their breakfast meals and dishes. So, you need to hurry up to get your delicious breakfast meals as the time span is quite short. 

Now, let’s move on to the lunch hours which are the next meal right after the breakfast meal. The lunch hours start right after the breakfast hours are over. It means that the lunch hours start from 11:00 AM are continues till 4:00 PM. the customers have sufficient time duration to enjoy their lunch meal as it is valid for around 5 hours in a day. In between these hours, customers get to enjoy refreshing meals and amazing delicacies that are worth all the hype. The restaurant’s side menu is available all day long and the customer can get them anytime they crave it. 

The last meal is their dinner meal. It is quite interesting that the restaurant has its dinner menu available for a longer duration as compared to other meals. Their dinner menu is served right from 4:00 PM and is served till the restaurants remain operational. This is a great deal to have your dinner at the Dairy Queen restaurant which serves a soulful meal.

The restaurant’s operating hours include the above timings. It means that the restaurants start their services from 10:00 AM are goes till 10:00 PM. all of the above hours are the same for the entire week. No gaps for weekdays or weekends, just read the hours once and you are done.

Dairy Queen Menu Reviews:

Those who are new to the restaurant might wonder what to try next. With this varied menu, it becomes difficult for the customers to pick some. So, to make your next visit easier, we have listed the best menu items that you would love.

  • Blizzard- Blizzard is one of the heaviest items that it carries a menu for itself. It has a wide variety of flavors such as Oreo, Turtle Pecan year-round, etc. the other flavors include- Pumpkin Pie or Candy Cane which are festive specials. Blizzard is served with gooey fillings that add an extra flavor to the dish.
  • Banana Split- For a sweet tooth, the banana split will prove to be a perfect dessert fruity. It is an American dessert presented with different bright colors. The dish is made up of vanilla soft serve, strawberry sauce, pineapples, and chocolate fudge, everything combined together to get a wholesome flavor.
  • Flame Thrower Grillburger- This is a hot-served burger that is made up of a beef patty, pepper jack cheese, jalapeno, tomatoes, lettuce, and spicy sauce. It is a perfect blend of mixtures. These ingredients are covered in a crispy yet toasted bun. The burger is quite amazing in that it can either be enjoyed alone or with other sides. The dish is served with some fries or onion rings making it a complete and satisfying meal. 
  • Chicken Strip Basket- A chicken strip basket is something that you must get your hands on. It is one of the most-famous ingredients amongst kids and adults as well. It comes with a  white-meat chicken strip, french fries, texas toast, and a sauce of the customer’s choice. Have it with your favorite drink and you are all sorted for it. The crispy-fried potatoes can also be one of the best complimentary dishes available on their menu.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Here we have some common questions where the customers faced trouble regarding the dairy queen menu prices. If you have such issues, then you must read these questions to clear your doubts. 

Where can I get the nutritional information for Dairy Queen’s products and menu items?

For everyone who is unaware of the restaurant’s product’s nutritional information can get it on their website. DQ has a nutritional chart that includes the nutritional information on allergen properties for every possible dish. Also, they have a list of all the approved products listed on their website. You can check this list and can find out the suitable products for your meal. The website is updated continuously with all the latest products and promotions. They tend to provide accurate and up-to-date information to their customers. 

Do the restaurant provides sugar-free or fat-free soft serve?

Currently, the restaurant does not have any fat-free or reduced sugar soft serve as they tend to update their menu as per the customer’s taste panels to get the right products. But, the restaurant does serve some alternatives with reduced sugar such as the Fudge Bar, Vanilla Orange bar, and the Chocolate Dilly Bar. these items are not sugar-free. Instead, they are served with reduced sugar to make it healthy.

Where can I buy DQ’s gist cards, certificates, and other items?

Both the gift cards and the certificates are available at different DQ restaurants are can be purchased online. Also, the customers can get an additional number of branded items such as DQ and Orange Julius that are delicious. The customers need to pay the shipping charges for all of their online purchases. The DQ gift cards are available for $5. To get these cards online, visit the Gift’s card page for the restaurant and place your order.

How to find Dairy Queen stores and restaurants near my location?

Restaurant outlets are located in different parts of the world. And you are more likely to find a Dairy Queen restaurant located near to you. Dairy Queen has a store locator available on their website. Just navigate through their website and scroll until you find the store locator, where you need to enter your zip code, and then hit the Find a store button. You will see a list of all the outlets within your location. Just pick any one of them, click on it and find the exact location.


Dairy Queen has been one of the most fine-dine restaurants with their services available globally. It has been an immense pleasure for all the customers to make a visit to the restaurant for all their special occasions, and sometimes, to cheer themselves up.

Every time, they feel hungry, they can visit their nearby Dairy Queen outlet where they will be served a variety of dishes that they won’t find common at other restaurants. Dairy Queen restaurant has got an overwhelming response from its customers due to which it has gained so much popularity. We hope that all of you have found this article to be informative and more knowledgeable.

In this article, we have discussed the Dairy Queen menu prices that will help you to find the perfect choices for you. There are many more sections regarding the same. I strongly recommend you to have a look at them as well. This article will guide you all through the restaurant’s menu and will help you to select your favorites on low budgets. It includes everything that you have been looking for. And in case, if you have any further queries left, feel free to use the comment section to drop all your queries. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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