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Bojangles Breakfast Hours – Menu Prices 2022

bojangles Breakfast Hours

Bojangles is an American regional food chain that primarily serves the southern United States and whose taste matches with their regional food taste. The first Bojangles restaurant was established by Jack Fulk and Richard Thomasin the year 1977 and became operational within the following year. The first outlet was set up in Charlotte, North Carolina. Soon later, they started operating the first location, the customers were fond of their taste and dishes due to which the owners decided to expand their business to other countries leading to the expansion of the business on a large scale. 

As per the data analysis to date, the restaurant brand has successfully set up 500+ outlets in more than 50+ locations. Some of these locations include- Grand Cayman Island, Jamaica, Honduras, Mexico, Ireland, and China. Currently, the outlets are operating in 14 U.S. states such as  Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina.

Bojangles serve all types of supreme delicacies that will bring you to the same destination every time you think of having sweet, spicy, tangy dishes. They have a huge menu list that includes all of its customer’s favorite dishes served with different combinations by adding out-of-the-box ideas during the preparation.

Does Bojangles have breakfast all day? This is the question we are here to answer. Read the article and learn many more interesting facts about the restaurant and its popularity. 

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Bojangles Breakfast Hours and Timings:

Bojangles is one of the customer’s favorite destinations to hang out with their friends, family, or relatives to have a get-together with all their favorite dishes. 

The restaurant outlets do have an immense crowd indicating its popularity among the customers. Each one of you must have visited the restaurant earlier and then ones who haven’t yet will surely make a visit after reading this.

Now, what we generally do is ask our friends and relatives for the timings and availability of any restaurant before making out and executing our plans. But is it feasible for every now and then asking one another to get the timings of any restaurants? Personally, no one likes to interrupt any other person repeatedly for such silly things which you can search on the internet. 

Yes, you can get the restaurant hours on the internet by searching with the appropriate keyword. So, do you know what time does Bojangles stop serving breakfast? Probably not! So, let us look straight on to the Bojangles breakfast hours to provide ease to all our readers. So, here we go. 

Before moving directly to the Bojangles breakfast hours, we must ensure whether the breakfast menu is served 24/7 or not. The Bojangles restaurant has a facility that allows the customers to have their breakfast menu for the entire day. They have time schedules for all their day-meals that make it easy for both customers and the staff members to organize their meals in a suitable manner. Well, this may sound disappointing to some customers but ideally, the timings are as per the culture and routine of the customers. Since some of the people skip their breakfast for being late and as a result, they seek out for same dishes at some other time. 

The restaurant starts serving their breakfast in the early morning. The timing starts from about 5-5:30 AM. generally, the timing is 5:30 AM, but some restaurants become operational even at 5:000 AM. Since the breakfast meals are available all day long, the end timings of the Bojangles breakfast hours are similar to the timings when the outlets wrap up their services. Usually, they deliver the meals till 10:00 PM which is when the breakfast hours end. 

So, here we have the  Bojangles breakfast hours summarized in a tabular form so that you can have a quick read by getting a glance at it. The breakfast hours are as follows-

Days Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 05:30 AM 10:00 P.M.
Tuesday 05:30 AM 10:00 P.M.
Wednesday 05:30 AM 10:00 P.M.
Thursday 05:30 AM 10:00 P.M.
Friday 05:30 AM 10:00 P.M.
Saturday 05:30 AM 11:00 P.M.
Sunday 05:30 AM 10:00 P.M.

This table clearly mentions the timings suitable for the restaurant where the customers can enjoy their meals. Additionally, one extra thing you must have noticed is that the timings are constant for all other days except for Saturday. It means that once you’ve got the timings, they last forever till the owner decides to modify them. 

On Saturday, the customers get an extra hour all because it’s a weekend. Well, this is what every customer seeks.

Hopefully, you are now informative about the breakfast hours of Bojangles restaurant, but yet there is so much more to learn. The Bojangles restaurant not only serves breakfast meals but even other meals as well. And that’s what makes them busy all throughout the day. So, you must also learn at what time do the restaurant outlets operate. This is an important point where the customers should know the regular operating hours of the Bojangles restaurant. 

Surprisingly, the regular operating hours are similar to that of the Bojangles breakfast hours. This is because the breakfast meal is served all throughout the day. So, you can refer to the above table to get to know about the Bojangle’s regular operating hours.

Remember that the timings of every restaurant outlet are not the same. While a majority of Bojangles outlets follow the same schedule, some of them may have different timings as well. This is because the outlet’s timing is set as per the region, area, or locality and is directly dependent upon the lifestyle of people living around it.

Therefore, we would recommend you to contact your nearby outlet before having a visit. 

Bojangles Breakfast Menu and Prices:

Bojangles is famous for its variety of menus delivered to the customers. The restaurant not only serves the breakfast meal but also has other menus such as evening snacks, dinner meals, lunch meals, etc. What will you order first when you visit the restaurant? This is a pretty interesting question and most of you will be speechless when asked to answer this question. This is because we generally try the dishes that are popular among the customers and often resist ourselves from trying something extra-ordinary. 

But for this, we must know some popular dishes and the menu of a restaurant beforehand, so that don’t end up messing things up while placing the order.

To avoid getting our readers into this trouble, we are here to talk about the Bojangles Breakfast Menu.

The restaurant serves a wide collection of all the exclusive and unique dishes that let you enjoy a variety of different combinations that you haven’t known before. The restaurant has brought up another bright side of southern taste into their dishes and is popularly known for their non-veg section, hand-made biscuits, snacks, sides, wraps, rolls, etc. all within a single store.

If you love to have spicy, unique, and flavorful dishes in your breakfast, lunch, or dinner meals, then the Bojangles restaurant has a lot to offer. But what if you are someone who is conscious about their health and avoid junk foods, high-calorie intake, and extra spices, then you can try the healthy menu options available at the restaurant. 

Their dishes do have a mouth-watery taste that adds on different flavors to your taste buds. 

Some of their best dishes include- Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit, Cajun Fillet Biscuit, buttermilk biscuits, hash browns, tastes chicken bites which are marinated and seasoned with imported spices to make it even tastier. Whereas, the healthy section includes salad with grilled chicken, fixins, green beans, dirty rice, Cajun Pintos, etc. that provides sufficient nutrition to the body. 

The prices are even more reasonable than your expectations. Here’s the Bojangle’s entire breakfast menu with a price list.


Bojangles Breakfast Menu

Menu List Prices Combo Prices
2 Sausage Biscuits $3.11 $5.33
Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Biscuit $3.48 $5.45
Cajun Filet Biscuit $3.97 $6.43
Country Ham & Egg Biscuit $3.48 $5.82
Egg & Cheese Biscuit $2.37 $4.59
Country Ham Biscuit $2.74 $4.96
Gravy Biscuit $2.37 $4.71
Sausage Biscuit $2.01 $4.34
Sausage & Egg Biscuit $2.79 $5.20
Steak Biscuit $2.99 $5.20

Bojangles Breakfast Fixin’s

Item Name Size Prices
Bo-Tato Rounds® Small $1.49
Bo-Tato Rounds® Medium $1.69
Bo-Tato Rounds® Picnic $2.79
Picnic Grits $1.49

Frequently Asked Questions:

So, after learning all the above sections, you may have different queries and doubts revolving in your mind. Therefore, this section will help you to get the answers for all of them. Here we are discussing the most common doubts of all the customers. Just have a sneak peek at these questions. 

What are the favorite and the most popular dishes available at the Bojangles restaurant?

Although, every other dish is served at the Bojangles restaurant is the customer’s favorite dish, several dishes are known to be the restaurant’s most popular dishes. Some of these dishes are as follows-

  • Steak Biscuit: The dish includes a freshly-baked buttermilk biscuit served with a country-fried steak on the top of it. The buttermilk biscuit is prepared within the restaurant adds an exclusiveness to the dish.
  • Cajun Fillet Biscuit: The dish is known to be full of different spices giving it a spicy flavor altogether. They serve warm biscuits with different combinations of southern taste which is a kick-start dish for your day. 
  • Bo-to Rounds: The dish is fried potatoes served with different toppings and sauces that complete your breakfast with its pleasant taste.
  • Country Ham & Egg Biscuit: The Country Ham and Egg biscuit dish comprises a freshly-baked buttermilk biscuit with ham and a smokey flavor added on top. It has a mouth-watering and pleasant aroma that attracts customers from everywhere.

Do Bojangles have special offers and discounts for the customers? And what does the $5 box includes?

Yes, the Bojangles restaurant does provide different offers and discounts for the customers to let them enjoy their favorite meals at less price than the actual ones. The offers and deals are available on different occasions and are valid for limited hours or days. There are different offer schemes that the restaurant provides to the customers, and out of which, the $5 box is the most favorite deal among the customers. Each meal comes with a regular size fixin, hot buttermilk biscuit, and regular size drink. In this, the customer can select drinks and fixin as per their choice.

The $ 5 box deal includes 5 different varieties of combos just for the same price. 

Is the Bojangles restaurant operational during the holidays?

Yes, the restaurant does remain operational even on holidays. The customers do seek out their meals at the restaurant for which their services remain active almost every day. The holidays on which the restaurants remain operational are as follows-

  • Easter Monday
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth (June 19)
  • Father’s Day
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Black Friday

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