About Us

Who are we?

We at “Pink Magnolia Dallas” lets you effortlessly find all the information you need about the Opening and Closing hours, Happy Hours, Breakfast hour, etc of any restaurants and Clubs around you. Our founder had the idea to collect all the accurate info on the web and bring it over to a single platform.

We knew we wanted to be able to solve the problem that each of us face while looking for opening or closing hours of a restaurant all over the internet. A lot of websites still do not have the correct info and are not often updated based on multiple situations. This is how our team figured out we need to address the situation and make things easier.

What are we offering?

We have a team of multiple writers and professionals who are constantly in touch with the restaurants and clubs to collect all the information required. Our site is pretty simple to navigate and anyone can look for the timing at their favourite restaurant and clubs.

Multiple clubs have Happy Hours that you may not know about. Hence, you can always visit our website and get the latest and the most updated information.

When did we think of this and Why?

Our founder has a short story to tell

I had the idea to use the power of content and the internet in bringing all the information one can get about all the restaurants and clubs around you. I used to buy myself breakfast before going to my university every morning and there were multiple occasions when I had the wrong timing for different restaurants. It was pretty frustrating, which is why I came up with this idea”

Our idea is pretty simple: get all the details of the opening, closing, happy hours, special hours, and everything else on the timings of these places in a single place. Our brilliant team shared the same interest and created this blog.