Sunday supper is about to be sassified!

On Sundays, we put the leaf in the table for the family – or in this case, the family we choose – to gather around. What dish would make your heart feel like it’s home? Your mama’s rice casserole….your great aunt’s Waldorf salad ….your nana’s famous peach cobbler?

Submit your family recipe to us.

By request*, we will prepare your treasured recipe and serve it up with some southern sass!  Whether it’s the relish tray you snuck olives off as kid, the sherbet floating punch bowl you spiked in junior high, or the jello mold you decorated differently for each holiday. We guarantee pangs of nostalgia mixed with substitution ah-has! (I never thought to switch out that canned cream of mushroom soup with real sautéed mushrooms and cream!)

No matter what…. Sunday Suppers at Pink Magnolia will be a trip. Maybe down memory lane…. Or maybe a one-day cruise of delight to the senses… But a recipe for connection without a doubt.

*Sundays Only.  Must reserve 7-days in advance.

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