We’re tickled pink you’re coming over for dinner.

Inspired by the magnolia flower as a symbol of southern strength and hospitality, Pink Magnolia aims to deliver the nostalgic charm of southern home cooking in an elegant yet casual setting. And, we are so excited to have company over. We’ve been flipping through the recipe box for days, figuring out what to serve. Ran across grandma’s spidery writing on her old recipe card for deviled eggs and could almost taste them. She was a hoot, that one. You know those eggs are mighty fine, but we’re gonna have to twist that up a bit…maybe add a little crab, or some ancho….we’ll have to see what’s in season. Now I know Aunt Betty’s Banana pudding didn’t have Maker’s Mark in it…but you can’t come to our table without a bunch of bacon, butter and booze! Besides, we’ve got do our part to make southern blush. Just cause we’re following tradition doesn’t mean we’ve got to get all traditional.

Now you can get all gussied up if you want to, but we’re more about breaking bread than breaking out the fine china. We’re eager for the chance to wear our Sunday best, but our company – well, come on as you are. Just be ready to receive a heaping helping of pink positive love! It’ll be poured into making and the baking, into your glass upon arrival, and surround you like grandma’s hug while you’re laughing and lapping up every little morsel on the plate.


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When this fiery upstart announced to Chef Dean Fearing that she was going to be his new apprentice, everyone was quite taken aback. But sure enough, she claimed her place as his number two and worked her tail off in the Mansion’s Kitchen… soaking up the craft from the culinary guru and dreaming up her plan of total culinary world domination. She brought color to those corporate kitchens…pink to be exact. Like the major at a parade, Blythe marched through a series of sweet gigs….Hector’s on Henderson, Central 214, her own show Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck on Oxygen, Movie Lounge in Arkansas and then a stint at Kitchen LTO where she met her match and new partner in Pink Magnolia. Blythe is on a mission to spread pink positive love. Feel it?

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For the first decade of her career, the food biz was the farthest thing from Casie’s mind. Instead she jumped into the Internet bubble leading corporate teams well beyond the bust. Good training for juggling the ever-moving parts of a restaurant. When she set her sights on creating salad franchise Greenz, she leapt in and learned the industry by trial and tenaciousness, just like living on the edge of the tech world taught her. That go getterness landed her a meeting with restaurateur Phil Romano who asked her what else she had up her sleeve. Casie pitched permanent pop-up concept Kitchen LTO and snagged one of the earliest spots in Trinity Groves. And then came Blythe.  And she knew the collaboration couldn’t end with the chef’s rotation.

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